Zenit changes the system of the sports reserve

The club will have new youth teams and groupes for initial training for basketball players.
С нового сезона «Зенит» изменяет систему подготовки спортивного резерва
System for the sports reserve of Zenit will change and expand since the new season. System now has the working title Zenit Basketball Academy.

Zenit-Farm, which performed in the 2018/2019 season in the Super League-1, has been renamed Zenit-2. It will play in the Super League-2. This team will be staffed from young players who, according to the bylaws, have rights to play in the United Youth League of VTB, and basketball players who, if necessary, will be play for the main team.

The youth team is called Zenit-M and continues its performance in the VTB United Youth League.

Three teams under the auspices of the club will compete in the Russian championship in the competitions of the junior basketball league (DUBL). There are Zenit-UOR No. 1, Zenit-Tsentralnaya and Zenit-Kupchinsky Olymp.

Also the reserve teams will play in the European Junior Basketball League and the Baltic Basketball League. 

For the first time in the history of St. Petersburg basketball, the city will be represented in the VTB Student League.

Starting from the new school year, Zenit together with St. Petersburg schools will open ten groups of basketball players' initial training in different parts of the city. Each group will have up to 20 children.