Player Association, OneTeam and secrets in communication with press: Vlad Trushkin met the Euroleague

Forward became the representative of the St. Petersburg club at a meeting in Barcelona.
Ассоциация игроков, OneTeam и секреты общения с прессой: Влад Трушкин познакомился с Евролигой
For the first time, Zenit's player was present at the Euroleague players meeting. In two days in Barcelona, ​​Vladislav Trushkin managed to get acquainted with the leadership of the league, the development plan and innovations of the tournament, Euroleague Player Association, the new activities of OneTeam and learn a few secrets of communication with journalists.

This year the meeting was first called the Euroleague Player Association (ELPA). The new name suggests that the players for the first time received a collective voice in the Euroleague basketball headquarters.

— The ELPA works for the second year, now things are only organizing and discussing . In general, it is interesting, because the players have a voice.

For me it was a novelty, plus, it was interesting to talk with players from other teams with whom we play, Kyle Hines, Janis Timma, — said Vlad.

Last season, the forward was an ambassador of OneTeam project, during which Zenit conducted master classes and trainings for children from the Center for the Promotion of Family Education No. 12.

— This time we did not work with the children, we were taught ourselves what tasks we can give children. In the new season we can diversify program even more, — said forward.


In conclusion, there was a training session with the players, which suggested how to better communicate with the press. According to Vlad, for example, it is worth more often to give examples from life and tell your stories.