Igor Onokov: "We need to unite and show that one defeat will not distract us"

The general director of BC Zenit, Igor Onokov, gave an interview to R-Sport on the opening day defeat against UNICS.
Игорь Оноков: «Нам нужно сплотиться и показать, что одно поражение не собьет нас с пути»
Obviously, starting a championship with a defeat against one your direct competitors is not the most pleasant start, but the coaching staff and management are aware of this situation. We have a heavily changed line-up and some of our leading players are dealing with old injuries. I have no doubt that after a few matches of the new season, this defeat will be seen as an unfortunate mishap. We have an excellent squad with an experienced coach, who has repeatedly proved he's of the highest level and has got us out of the most difficult situations. All of us, the players, coaches, the management and fans should unite and show that this loss will not distract us.

Zenit's next match will be at home to Parma on 8th October at 6pm.