Stefan Markovic answers the fans questions

Stefan Markovic answered fans questions about his plans for the end of his career, the atmosphere in the locker room and his life in St. Petersburg.
Стефан Маркович: «По окончании карьеры хочу гонять в футбол в Белграде с друзьями»
Who have been the most difficult opponent for you so far while at Zenit? 

Obviously, this is CSKA. They are the champions of the Euroleague and playing against teams of this level is always extremely difficult. 

What happened in the locker room after your marvelous victory over Khimki? 

We were all happy, but it was only one win during the season, not the final of a tournament. After each game we have to move on and concentrate on the next match. 

How do you recovery and rest after training and games? 

The recovery process is nothing special: it includes standard procedures like massage and rest. I prefer to be with my family, I spend time with my wife and children, basically all my free time, which I do not have a lot of during the season. 

Who was your favorite player as a kid? 

I've never been one for favorite players or idols. As a child I watched the matches of our team and I liked all basketball players that were idols for my generation. but I can't select someone in particular. 

Do you have a favorite team in Serbia or the NBA? 

I was born and raised in Belgrade, I played for Hemofarm and perhaps they would be the team I watched the most, but this team does not exist now. So I just support all the Serbian teams in the European Cup. I used to watch the NBA, but now I don't too much, I look out for my friend Nikola Jokic and I wish him success at Denver. 

Could you go and do well in the NBA? 

Every player would like to play in the NBA. I had a chance to be in the United States before the draft, but I preferred to go to the national team. Since then, I've had almost no free time to go overseas to training camps to be seen there. But I have no regrets and I am happy with all I've achieved in Europe.

What do you plan to do when you retire? 

I did not yet sure, though, to be honest, I would like to just drive and watch football with friends in Belgrade, look after my children and spend as much time as possible with my loved ones, whom I don't see that often during my career. I hope I will be able to secure such a life. On the other hand, we can not predict the future, and do not know what lies ahead. My motto is never say never. 

Do you go to watch the football or the hockey? In St. Petersburg?

I do not watch hockey at all, if I have time I enjoy watching Football and going to the games, I love football very much and will definitely take my son to some Zenit games when the weather is good. 

I would like to once again congratulate you on the birth of your child, can I ask how your family feels in St. Petersburg?

My family lives in St. Petersburg in the summer, here we had our second child. For me, my wife and son enjoy everything here, we are absolutely happy. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city, it has everything that you can imagine. The only drawback is the weather. 

You've seen both types of the St. Petersburg winter. Which one do you prefer? When there is snow and it's beautiful, but cold, or when it's warm, but damp? 

I really do not like rainy, chilly weather, when you go out on the street and all around you is dirty. So I prefer the cold and snow. At least, it's beautiful.

Do you understand Russian or maybe even speak a bit? 

Russian and Serbian are a little bit similar, because I can understand some words that sound the same, but sadly not much more. 

All the Zenit players say that you are the main joker in the team. Is that true?

I'm just trying to be positive and to smile a lot. Players are constantly responsibility for the result of the last match and I'm just trying to lighten the mood in the team. I believe that all work should be performed with a smile. I love sports and I like being in a team atmosphere. There's a lot of jokers in the team, not just me. 

What are your favorite books and movies?

To be honest, I don't read so much. The last book I liked was about the history of Belgrade. It was given to me and I read it during various trips. Movies I look more, but I can't say any especially. Basically, I like action films and comedy. It all depends on my mood and what kind of feeling I want to get from the show.

Do you spend a lot of time on social networks? 

Not really.I have instagram, but mostly on the Internet I just read the news. 

You have ended your career with the national team, will you miss not playing at Eurobasket 2017? 

The decision to end playing for the national team was not up to me. I loved playing for our national team, it was a great honor for me. All the guys I played with there have become my good friends. I'm going to miss all of them, but at some point your body cannot continue. 

How did you spend your short Christmas vacation? 

Due to the fact that we had a baby, we could not go anywhere and remained in St. Petersburg. I just spent time with my family. We walked around the city together, went shopping, went to a playground. As I said, for me there is no better holiday than just to be with my family.