Was born
266 years


Ivan Vladimirovich Lazarev was born on January 31st 1991 in Orekhovo-Zuevo. He graduated from Kujbishevskuju Sports Academy. Chris Anderson is his basketball idol. Along with basketball, Ivan enjoys computer games and is very knowledgable about technology.

His first professional experience came with Moscow’s Dynamo. After two seasons Ivan left Dynamo for Triumph’s youth squad where he progressed as a player and made it onto the first team.

Since 2008, Ivan has been a regular on the Russian national team. A hardworking player who gets results, Ivan catches your eye not only because of his height (Lazarev’s wingspan is 223 cm), but also because of his excellent skills on defense with the ability to rebound and block shots.

Last season Lazarev was a silver medal winner in the EuroChallenge as part of Triumph, a champion of MCBL as part of the student team MGAFK and was award finals MVP in the MCBL.

Sports Academy: SDYShOR No. 56 Moscow (Kyjbyshevskaya)

2008/10 - Dynamo-2 (Moscow)
2010/12 - Triumph -2 ( Moscow Region)
2012/14 - Triumph ( Moscow Region)