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Artem Alexseevich Kuzyakin was born on March 10th, 1980 in Leningrad.

As a child, Artem Alekseevich was swimmer as well as a  football and hockey player. But once he was 10 years old, Artem had a grown spurt and earned an invitation from a basketball coach to come try out. As he himself says, by that point he was a bit tired of swimming and he immediately fell for basketball.

Kuzyakin finished the Admiral Sports Academy and began his professional career at Spartak, where he spent 5 seasons. His biggest achievement so far has come in his country’s championship, he received a silver medal in 2005 in European club tournaments and in the FIBA EuroChallenge in 2006. Since then Kuzyakin has added trophies from the Russian Cup (silver) and a bronze from the EuroChallennge

As Artem Kuzyakin was born and raised in St. Petersburg, he is a fan both of FC Zenit and SKA and has become friends with a number of the hockey and football players.

Sports Academy: Admiralteyskaya (St. Petersburg)


1999/2004 - Spartak (St. Petersburg )
2004-05 - Dynamo ( Moscow)
2005-06 - "Ural Great (Perm )
2006/08 - Lokomotiv-Rostov
2008/10 - UNICS (Kazan)
2010-11 - Krasnye Krylia (Samara )
2011/14 - "Triumph" ( Moscow Region)