Vasily Karasyov Nikolaevich
Date of birth
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<font face="Helvetica"><p>Vasily Karasev was born on April 14th, 1971 in Leningrad. <br /><br />One of the best playmakers in Russia and Europe in the 1990s, Karasev has been playing basketball fr om the age of 9 since he began to play for the Petrograd youth team. <br /><br />Karasev’s first coach was Igor Bykov. "He was not so much just a basketball coach, but also taught me a lot about life. He taught me to be a person first, then a basketball player. Being able to have adults be on the same level as you as a kid, that’s tough, but he was able to do it."<br /><br />After graduating in 1988 fr om the Leningrad sports boarding school, The Olympic Reserve No. 1, wh ere he trained under Anatoly Shteybok (himself working under Zakhar and Evgeny Pashutiny , Sergey Panov and Andrey Kirilenko), Karasev then began his professional career with Leningrad’s Spartak. <br /><br />In his five seasons with Spartak, Karasev was a finalist in the last USSR Championship and the fist Russian Championship. In 1994, Vasily Karasev transferred to CSKA. Under the leadership of Stanislav Eremin, he was a five time champion of Russia, a participant in the Northern Europe Play-offs and the Euroleague. <br /><br />In 1992, Karasev was invited to play for the Russian national basketball team wh ere he would take part in more than 100 matches over three years. He was twice a finalist in the World Championship and a Silver and Bronze medal winner in the European Championship. <br /><br />In 1996 Vasily Karasev earned an invitation to the Istanbul side Anadolu Efes S.K., with whom he would become the Turkish Champion. In his next move and very next season, Karasev would become the Champion of Germany with the Berlin side Alba. <br /><br />Karasev is a four time participant in the European All-Star game. <br /><br />Vasily Karasev’s playing career finished with the Lyubertsy based Triumph. Karasev next became the head trainer for Triumph’s youth team and in 2010 Karasev began working with the first team’s training staff and already by the 2011/12th season, Karasev was heading the team. <br /><br />In his first year of leading Triumph as a head coach, the team finished in third place overall in the VTB United League and earned the bronze medal in the FIBA Eurochallenge. <br /><br />In the summer of 2012, Vasily Karasev was named the head trainer for the youth national team. Under his leadership for the first time in the history of Russian basketball, the team emerged victorious in the International Universiade that took place in Kazan in 2013. <br /><br />Vasily Karasev is currently the head coach for the Russian Reserve national team, who this summer became the champions of the Stankovich Cup in China. <br /><br />Vasily Karasev and his wife, Yana, have two children: a daughter, Kseniya, and a 20 year old son, Sergey, who currently plays for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.<br /><br />Schooling Career: DUSSh Petrograd Region <br /><br />Playing Career: <br /><br />1998/1993 — Spartak (SPB)<br />1993/1996 — CSKA (Moscow) <br />1996/1997 — Anadolu Efes S.K (Turkey)<br />1997/1998 — Alba (Germany) <br />1998/2000 — CSKA (Moscow) <br />2000/2001 — Iraklis (Greece) <br />2000/2001 — Ural-Greyt (Perm) <br />2002/2003 — Lokomotiv (Mineralny Vody) <br />2003/2005 — Khimki (Moscow region)<br />2005/2006 — Ural-Great (Perm) <br />2006/2008 — University Surgurt<br />2008/2009 — Coach and player for BK Triumph in Lyubercy <br /><br />Training Career: <br /><br />2009/2010 — Head coach Triumph-2 (Lyubertsy) <br />2010/2014 — Coach for Triumph (Lyubertsy) <br />2010/2011 — Coach for U19 Russian national team <br />2012/2013 — Head coach for men’s student Russian national team <br />2013 — Head coach for the Russian Men’s national team<br />2013/present — head coach for the Research National Team. </p></font>