José Samaniego: “Waiting for August. An exciting season ahead!”

Assistant of head coach José Samaniego recently took part in a congress of sports analysts. He told us about the tools the coaching staff used in his work, and also shared his impressions of five months in Zenit.
Хосе Саманиего: «Жду августа. Впереди захватывающий сезон!»

— Tell us, where you were.
— At the congress of sports analysts in Madrid. It was organized by NACSPORT. We work with the programs of this company, which analyze video matches and convert them into statistics. At the end of each game using video analysis, I make a report on the individual and team performance. This information helps Joan Plaza prepare for the following matches.

In Madrid, I got familiar with company’s innovations. For example, the main points were the explanation of game trends, a new way of visualizing data for each combination, the quality of video presentations that we show to teamplayers.

— It sounds difficult. In simple words, what was the main thing you learned?
— First, everything studied will help us find answers to questions about what is happening on the court, how, where, when and why.

Secondly, we were told about the new tools and how to use them in order to explain to the players in a simpler and clearer way, what information we collected and what conclusions should be drawn from it.

— Let's talk about your season in Zenit. What would you underline in the results?
— We played as a team. Joann Plaza managed to show, at least in part, his philosophy. Despite the fact that we lost some matches, we are grateful to our players for their character and dedication to goals.

— How will you describe your experience in Zenit this season?
— St. Petersburg will never be a city that can be treated objectively. I would say that this is a city in which everyone should spend some time of his life and which he should enjoy.

I am glad to have the opportunity to work in Zenit, with all its employees, with all departments. The people working here create for us all conditions so that we don’t think about anything but our work. 

I am looking forward to meeting club in August. We have an exciting season ahead!