Artem Vikhrov: "You can't judge a whole season on one game"

The Zenit player on the semi-final clash with CSKA Moscow. 
Артем Вихров: «Нельзя судить обо всем сезоне по одной игре»
Zenit had a good match with CSKA earlier this season at home and were very solid on the road. Today's game was very different, why? 

Closer to the end of the season,our fatigue accumulated, we were had some issues on the court earlier this year and all this affected in the end. In the "Final Four" everything is decided by just one match, one team hit their throws, the other did not. You can't judge a whole season on one game

At the beginning of the match, Zenit played well in defence, but your trump card, quick breaks did not work out, what happened? 

Probably, the excitement affected us, plus CSKA defended very aggressively and we couldn't get through. There is a feeling that they got used to the new court, in the second half our percentages improved, but it was too late.

Rodriguez  scored 21 points at the start of the game, at the same time, Zenit scored only 18. Can you say that the outcome of the match was decided by one player? 

Yes, CSKA went very far in the lead thanks to Rodriguez, he was the best player and he almost alone decided the outcome of the match.