Vasily Karasev: "We have more to come"

The Zenit head coach summed up the results of the first playoff game in the VTB United League against Avtodor.
Василий Карасев: «Нам есть в чем прибавлять»
We expected that it would be a difficult match, both physically and mentally. In general, the guys performed as we instructed, in the first half we didn't allow Avtodor to build any gap and after the break we stopped them scoring their shots, we got our game together and then brought the game home. 

Why did the team relax in the third quarter? 

It's difficult to say now, we explained to the players that they mustn't lose their concentration. At some point, these instructions were forgotten. We will work to ensure that everything is done properly from the first to the last minute. 

Today Avtodor had a poor scoring percentage. Is this to the credit of Zenit?

Of course, we analyzed their play, we managed to stop their rapid counterattacks, where they get the lion's share of their points, and in the positional game they can't beat us. Thanks to a good defence, we managed to reduce their scoring percentage.

Do you expect any surprises in Saratov? 

From Avtodor you always need to expect surprises. In Saratov there will be two difficult games, with their arena full, they will play well. At the same time, we also have more to come, I cannot say that today we had the perfect match.