Kyle Kuric: "The main thing is that I helped the team win"

The American player spoke about the game in Siberia.
Кайл Курич: «Главное, чтобы моя игра помогала команде побеждать»
We started very well, in the first half of the game we had an advantage of 12-14 points, but we relaxed too much. Yenesei had their chances to shoot and we didn't do so well in attack, we lost the ball and as a result our advantage melted away. Fortunately, after that, we were able to get our game back and eventually got a confident victory. 

Today, both teams made a lot of fouls. Was the game rough? 

I would not say that, it was maybe rather tough. In the course of the game there ware some tense moments, no one wanted to let anyone have any easy points, hence all these fouls and a large number of free throws.

You set a personal best today with 34 points.Are you in your best form? 

Yes, I've had some game that were not as successful and my teammates took the game on themselves and we still managed to win. I try not to focus on my failures and work to improve my own game. I'm glad that I managed to play well today, but I'm not looking for personal results. The main thing is for me to help Zenit win. Next week we are playing a very difficult match against CSKA Moscow and I will do everything I can to help us win.