Sergey Karasev on the win over Kalev

Sergei Karasev summed up the victory over Kalev with a score of 85:80
Сергей Карасев: «Переломили ход игры за счет защиты и агрессии»
Why didn't Zenit play well from the first minute

It's hard to tell. Against Locomotiv we played well, but today not so much. Often this happens. We must think as to why, we will solve the issues in training. It's good that today we won. 

When was the turning point, when did you feel the tide was turning? 

We did not really get going. We were tired. 

How did you manage to still win in the last quarter?

The coach found five people who just fought hard on the floor, we tried our best. At the expense of our defence and aggression were able to reverse the outcome of the meeting? 

Now Zenit have more training than games. Is that good or bad? 

It's always harder and it's more pleasing to play. When you constantly play, you get in a game rhythm, and no training will ever replace games. We just need to concentrate more on games and then shooting in training.

Can you get to the playoffs? 

Of course, we can! 

What can you say about the level of the VTB United League this season? The outsiders seem to be doing well.

I think all the teams have done well and at the expense the bigger sides. Kalev, Tsmoski and Avtodor all look good. It turns out it's been a difficult championship, besides the teams playing in the Euroleague need to give a rest to their individual players. Its been interesting for the fans, it's great. 

What are your plans for the future? 

To get to the Euroleague.