Vasily Karasev: "We are preparing ourselves for a tough game"

The Zenit boss spoke about the upcoming VTB United League game against Estonia's Kalev.
Василий Карасев: «Настраиваемся на серьезную борьбу»
A game against Lokomotiv, takes a lot of psychological energy, but in training the atmosphere is good and the guys understand that at the end of the regular season one can not make mistakes, every game is vital. We have already missed out in matches with Avtodor and Astana, now all our thoughts are only about only winning. 

In the last match against CSKA, Kalev used only six players and three of them spent forty minutes on the court. Will this affect them?

I do not know what their squad current situation is, I don't know about their injuries and how much their squad will change by Monday, but even the six Kalev players did very well against CSKA Moscow. This season has been very interesting, all the teams are very tough and even the outsiders often win, so you can't relax at all, so we are preparing ourselves for a tough game.