Vasily Karasev: "The pause should benefit our players"

The head coach of Zenit told spoke about how the paus between games should help the team before the upcoming match against Avtodor in the VTB United League
Василий Карасев: «Пауза должна была пойти на пользу нашим лидерам»
We've had a rather long break without games, but anyway we've trained and prepared for different things. Now we need to return to our rhythm as soon as possible. As the statistics have shown in our last matches we had some problems in attack, we looked a little tired and the percentage of hits was down, the reason for this was fatigue of the players, so we expect that the pause will benefit the boys. We've had time to recover, although we've had quite a lot of training sessions. 

As for Avtodor, I'm sure we are in for an interesting game. At the moment, they are our direct competitor in the regular season, there is a chance that we will play them in the playoffs. We need to approach the match in a careful way, Avtodor play very good basketball.