Evgeny Voronov: "Now the main thing is victory, everything else is secondary"

The Zenit captain spoke about the narrow win over Minsk.
Фото: БК «Цмоки-Минск»
Фото: БК «Цмоки-Минск»
In the course of the game, we lost an advantage of 10 points, unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened to us this season. This isn't the best trend and we need to correct it. We should be increasing that advantage, without having such nervous endings. So far, we haven't done that. 

Your personal statistics today were the best, six out of six , including one three-pointer, are you at your best now? 

Today I managed to have a good game, I am glad that I helped the team to win. I try not to go too far into personal statistics, to me the team results are more important. We now need only victories, everything else goes is secondary.