Andrey Novikov: "We can compete with any team"

The head coach of Zenit-Farm summed up the defeat to CSKA.
Андрей Новиков: «Можем бороться с любыми соперниками»
We, like CSKA Moscow, have a very young team, but they are much more experienced, because they have been playing under Andrei Maltsev for a very long time. Despite our youth, we can take on any teams on an equal footing. We couldn't keep our concentration and play the fast basketball that we wanted to for the whole 40 minutes. We had some stupid mistakes and problems in team selection too. Today we started well, but did not hit a lot of easy shots. If we'd have hit them then the score would be completely different, even taking into account the 13 point gap in the first half. In the second half, when we stopped making so many mistakes and scoring our free shots, we played absolutely on equal terms with them and this is the league leader, who have lost only one match