Vasily Karasev: "Tofas can score from anywhere"

Zenit's head coach shared his expectations ahead of the game against the side top of the Turkish championship.
Василий Карасев: «„Тофаш“ забивает и из-под кольца, и из-за дуги»
Tofas are a purely American team and the tone of the team is set by players from across the ocean. They only have two local players. They play to attack and they do it very well, they are attacking with a good scoring percentage. They have a balance they can can score from anywhere and that's why they are in first place in the Turkish championship and in our group, so this game will be very difficult. 

Their main player, Hermish Barish, plays for Turkey and leads the list of the best assistant maker in the EuroCup. Will you pay special attention to him?

It is necessary to understand that he runs their main plays, but they still have to score. Tofas very well attack both from under the ring and from outside the area and therefore their point guard is not our biggest headache. Our bigger problem is the battle under the ring, where they get a lot of points and they have a good percentage of three-pointers too.