Vasily Karasev: "It is important that the team has enough rotation"

The Zenit head coach spoke to us on the eve of the game against Kalev.
Василий Карасев: «Важно, чтобы команде хватило ротации»
Kalev are a very good team, they can score three-pointers and can play pretty well, they showed that last season. They have retained the backbone of the team and have a very good centre in Mirkovich, so it will be very important for us to play wisely in defence. It's also important for us to have enough rotation.

What is the situation with Yevgeny Voronov and Drew Gordon after they were injured in Germany?

Yevgeny is out and won't participate in the game Gordon is still in question, he still has a concussion and is now experiencing a certain discomfort.