The final stage of the #SIBURZENIT school of basketball ended in St. Petersburg

The final phase of the #SIBURZENIT school of basketball project ended in St. Petersburg. It was attended by the 35 top finalists of the project aged 14-16 years.
Финальный этап Школы баскетбола #SIBURZENIT завершился в Петербурге
The finalists went to St. Petersburg and took part in a full professional training camp under the guidance of Zenit's coaches Mladen Manojlovic and Oleg Aktsipetrov. 

The objective of the #SIBURZENIT project was to give young talents a chance to get involved in professional sports and to show what they can do to the blue-white-sky blues club management. 

As part of the final stage of this intensive training the young athletes were introduced to the cultural life of St Petersburg, they visited Zenit's basketball game in the VTB United League playoffs, they spoke with the players and coaches of the first team too. They also watched a football match at the new Stadium St. Petersburg, where the World Cup will be held in 2018 and of course, the boys had tours along the rivers and canals of the northern capital. 

The results of the final of the second season of the #SIBURZENIT project was summarised by Zenit youth coach Mladen Manojlovic. 

"First of all, I would like to talk about the change in the approach to the selection of participants for the final round. This year we did not only rely on the results of training, we used our test results too. Last season in the qualifying stage, we conducted three training sessions, and now we only did one training plus testing. Our approach has become more scientific. Due to testing, we have reduced the chance of making a wrong decision."

"With this #SIBURZENIT project we wanted to give a chance to more children to join in with our sport, I hope with every season there will be a new generation of talented athletes"