Mladen Manoylovich: "It is clear that Perm is a basketball city"

The Head coach of the St. Petersburg youth team, Mladen Manojlovic shared his thoughts on the selection stage in Perm.
Младен Манойлович: «Видно, что Пермь — баскетбольный город»
Everything went according to plan. On the first day we held a seminar where I answered the questions from local trainers. The second day in the morning we did tests and in the evening we played basketball.  There about 60 boys in attendance, we chose the 25 best and from them conducted the final selection.

My impression is that, compared to last year, when I was here the boys have made progress and that is noticeable. I liked that they did exactly as they were told and during the whole session they kept a high level of concentration. At the end of the day, I told them myself that I was very, very happy with the way they trained. 

The boys themselves, I thought, were also very pleased, all received some gifts. It was nice. We can see that Perm is a basketball city and it's great.