Simone Pyanidzhani: "If you allow Zenit to play they will score as many as anyone"

Hapoel head coach, Simone Pyanidzhani spoke after the defeat by Zenit and lamented his side's game.
Симоне Пьяниджани: «Если давать „Зениту” так играть, то он забьет столько кому угодно»
In the first-half we allowed Zenit to score points from different distances and our players were constantly late with picking up their players. In the second half we played aggressively and better, but if Zenit are allowed to play as they want, they can score as many as absolutely anyone. To lose today is not a big thing to be concerned about, but to lose with such a difference is a worry. In general, I repeat, we lacked aggression today.