Pavel Sergeev on the win over Yenisei

The Zenit defender Pavel Sergeev shared his impressions on Zenit's away win over Yenisei 100-75.
Pavel Sergeev on the win over Yenisei

I would not say the game was as easy as the score appears. We were just well prepared for the opponent and came here fully prepared. In the first half we could not create a lead, but in the second we played well, especially in defense. Then we scored 10-15 points in a row, we scored rapidly and then increased the lead to 20 points, and we confidently brought things to an end.

Today, you were one of the best players. Do you have special feelings for the match against your former team?

I can say that there was some additional motivation, but when I go out for the match it doesn't matter who our opponents are, even though I played for this team. I just go to the arena and perform as the coach tells me. It just so happens that today I had a few shots and scored.

Was it important to win today and without any issues before Murcia?

It's always good to win and to save energy, but the main thing is victory. Today, the entire game went very smoothly and we won. For us every game is important and we always want to go out and play at our best.