Vasily Karasev: "The guys gave it 100%!"

The blue-white-sky blue's Vasily Karasev on the team's performance in Germany.
Vasily Karasev: "The guys gave it 100%!"

Zenit have beaten Bayern twice now, are they a good team for you to play against?

I would not say that the Bavaria are a friendly opponenet, they are a really good team, with a good selection of players. We have a number of players returning to our team and are again able to rotate. We were able to move weel in the game. Janis came back and joined the team, Trevor is with us too and everything became much calmer.

Before the game, you said that if you win, this will solve many problems. What did you mean?

If we consider that Murcia beat Buducnost, I think, everything has become much easier for us. They now need to win all three games, and we have to lose. Of course we will play all the remaining matches to win, against such teams you have to and not to be afraid.

Tulson and White scored half the team's points. Were they the best players in the game?

You know, I am sure that today we won not because someone scored a lot of points, but because the team played well. All the guys contributed to the overall victory, a lot of players added points and when they all started to score, we became a team very difficult to defend against.

How did it feel playing in the Audi Dome? Did it make you think of the 1972 Olympics?

It is always a pleasure to play in Germany. I spent part of my career here in this very place. I like the close atmosphere of German basketball. For the guys, they were all pleased to play in front of a full house, no matter who they cheer for. The main thing is passion, sometimes you want to play for the fans. The team played with great energy and the game showed that they were 100% up for it.