Janis Timma: "Today, the game went according to our plan"

Zenit forward Janis Timma shared his impressions on the victory over Bayern Munich.
Janis Timma: "Today, the game went according to our plan"

Bayern are a strong team, but you seem to have found a way to beat them.

That's hard to say. We prepare for every game and always try to win. Today was a very tough game. For us it was important to win and to have a good chance to qualify from the group and we did it. I cannot say Bayern are an easy team for us. If you have won two games, then we have found the right tactics in defence and in attack. Today, everything went according to our plan.

How did you manage to win today?

Today, the whole team has played just great. We were able to find each other in good positions and to pass well. We had some problems at the opponent's hoop and we're not always able to score the points there but we kept the lead.

Today was a compact game and very tough at times. Were you ready for this?

The team playing at home always trys to protect their hoop. They were a good opponent today and gave us no space in their final third. Everyone was fighting to the end and for that we are always ready!