Vasily Karasev on the win over VEF

Zenit head coach Vasily Karasev summed up the results of the match with VEF, after the 90:76 win.
Vasily Karasev on the win over VEF

We won in the fourth quarter, we were confident enough with an advantage of 14 points and were completely controlling the game. It would have been better to avoid the hassle at the beginning of the match, but we played well. We exhausted VEF with our game and then succeeded in getting a lead. It's annoying letting them score so much, but there is an reason, throughout the whole of the month, we haven't had a full team. The players are taking turns getting injured and we are often training with nine men. First he Tulson was injured, then Karasev, also recovering from injuries are Markovich and White. We need to get this sorted out and train with a complete team. I hope that will soon Valiev will be back, then the problems should ease.

Timma said that at the beginning it was difficult because of the team being upset at the defeat to Murcia in the last match. How do you prepare the team for the game psychologically?

I say again that we have had a problem for the last two years. It is clear that we suffered a humiliating defeat, but more alarming is the physical condition of players. In the game against Murcia we lost Karasev and Tulson was out of sorts. But today he played until the end, and then we immediately felt better. That is our biggest problem. As for psychology, the team has confidence and this grew during the preseason, when we played with high-level teams and defeated them. We were a little nervous before the game, VEF are not the weakest team, they beat Khimki away. In the United League we can't say about good or bad teams. For example, Euroleague champions CSKA barely beat Avtodor. There are no bad teams, it all depends on the preparation and the players fitness.

How is with Sergey Karasev?

He has a knock on his shoulder, he'll have a scan. Here's another problem!