Vasily Karasev: "If you do not give all the best from the first minute, it will always be a problem"

Zenit Head coach Vasily Karasev summarized the results of the game with Kalev and the blue-white-sky blue victory.
Vasily Karasev: "If you do not give all the best from the first minute, it will always be a problem"

I have warned the players that if they don't give 100% from the first minute, otherwise we will have problems. So in the first half we came out straight away. There were problems in defence and some small errors. We did not get all of our free throws and Kalev gave us some problems. After the break we started to play defensively in the second half and allowed them to score 29 points and our attacks left much to be desired. But we regrouped, started playing more aggressively and the result came.

Can you comment on the games of Sergeev, Karasev, White and Markovic?

I am very satisfied with Sergeev's game. We expected this and he played well in defence and we became more confident to play offensively, we scored the numbers and were quality. Karasev didn't really play as well as possible, but I'm pleased that his aggression in attack was there. He made a few passes in attack with some fouls, and I hope that he will be back to his best soon. He just has to keep playing at that pace. Now he plays aggressively in defence. It's one thing when you're standing in the corner, and you shoot and another to create a moment for yourself.

White is fully up to our expectations. He is playing very well, but sometimes he makes hasty decisions, but this is due to the fact that he is not a very experienced player and hasn't played in Europe that much. This takes time and during the season he will improve.

Markovic isn't at his best yet. He spent the summer at two tournaments, Olympic qualification and the Olympic Games themselves. Since he joined us he has played 13 games, including preseason, so he needs to rest. He is very experienced and now brings a lot of benefits to the team, but due to general fatigue he made some mistakes.