Vasily Karasev: "I am glad that we managed to survive"

The Zenit head coach, Vasily Karasev summed up the 80-77 result of the match in the Eurocup against Bayern Munich.
Vasily Karasev: "I am glad that we managed to survive"

I want to start by thanking those who have prepared the arena and the fans who came to support us. Without their support it would be difficult to play in a new arena, the atmosphere was similar to last season. It helped us, especially at the beginning. As for the game, we tried to promote an aggressive defense with a good passing attack and at the moment we simply do not have enough rotation. Valiev and Tulson are out due to injury and we have to play against good opposition. Bayern played 11 men, their level is exactly the same as we have seen in the matches in Germany and the off-season. They play using a quick rotation, with an aggressive defense and fast passing.

How would you comment on the last minutes of the match? In the last seconds did you tell your players not to foul?

On the contrary, I asked them not to throw three-pointers, but then we scored with two seconds left. The beginning of the season is different, people still aren't sure what's required of them. I'm not saying they haven't prepared, but the biggest problem here was giving away easy two points.

How has Sergey Karasev managed to adapt to the team?

It's clear that he has not yet adapted fully to the team. It's not the same as standing in the corner in the NBA and the trying to create something. I am glad that he has began to do so. In the first half he played well. In the second half we had some errors, but this comes through practising. He has already brought something to the team and has a bright future.

How about White?

He played well, but it turns out that we have a few players in this position. When fit we have Sasha Razumov, but this is a player who we brought from the Super League for his play and passing. He isn't a straight replacement for White, who spends a lot of energy fighting against bigger opponents. Perhaps that is why at the end the match Aaron looked to be suffering.

When can we expect the return of Tulsona and Valiev?

Regarding Ryan, if all goes well, we look forward to his return in 7-10 days. Valiev we don't know until the doctors allow him to fully exercise, but this time is soon.