Tsmoki host Zenit this weekend

Tsmoki-Minsk are celebrating their tenth anniversary. The ambitious project was originally called the "Minsk-2006 and this weekend they host the blue-white-sky blues.
Tsmoki host Zenit this weekend

Last season the dragons expected to have a real breakthrough in the capital of Belarus. Star players Justin Gray, Ivan Maras, Garrett Stutz and Anthony Hilliard together with local players were able to create a team capable of reaching the playoffs in the VTB United League and the team looked promising in the early season. The Minsk side suffered only one home defeat early on, losing out to Zenit in a closely fought contest.

Unfortunately for local fans, in this fairytale is over. The club have since suffered a series of defeats in the matches against their direct rivals and rapidly fell down the league, Tsmoki were also the only league club to loss to Vita Tbilisi the league's worst team.

This summer, the team has lost most of its foreign stars, only Justin Gray has remained, another star has joined the team at the start of the campaign, Drew Joyce, known primarily for his friendship with LeBron James and the role in the movie "More than a game." Drew has played his entire career in Europe and spent only one season outside of Germany, in Poland. While in Germany Drew made 1319 assists, which is a record for the league.

Tsmoiki Minsk may be in for a difficult season but with their new star from Germany they may have found someone to give them hope. The game takes place in Minsk on 9th October at 16.00.