Zenit defeat Krasnodar

In another pre-season friendly Zenit defeated Lokomotiv Kuban in Krasnodar.
Zenit defeat Krasnodar

Zenit took on Lokomotiv Kuban, a team that will be competing in the Euroleague next season.

Zenit headed south without Tulson and Vikhrov due to injury, but despite this the blue-white-sky blues took an early lead with Aaron White, scoring three pointers from beyond the arc with his first three attempts. Added to this Timma, Karasev, Markovic and Landry also scored a number of pointers and provided Zenit with a 28:22 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second half continued but not in the same vain for Zenit, in the first half, the blue-white-sky blues hit 5 from 9 shots from beyond the arc, in the second half it was only 1 of 9. A poor quater saw Zenit score only 10 points and the hosts took the lead 41:38 at half time.

However, in the third quarter Zenit were back to their best, gaining confidence in attack and scoring at will as well as defending at the best. An excellent all round performance saw Zenit back in the lead 62:56 after a remarkable quater.

Zenit managed to maintain a comfortable gap in the fourth quater and were unstoppable on the floor, ending with a long-range shot accuracy of 75 percent! Timma, Karasev and the rest of the team brought Zenit home with more scoring and saw the match end 87:79 in favour of the blue-white-sky blues.