Zenit lose to Barcelona by just two points

In the first game in our Spainish training camp, Zenit lost to Barcelona 63-61.
Zenit lose to Barcelona by just two points

Spain's second best team and one of Europe's strongest clubs, defeated Zenit by just two points in a tight game held in Catalonia. Interestingly the Spanish giants are managed by the ex-coach of the Lokomotiv Krasnodar, Georgis Bartsokas.

In the first quarter Croat Ante Tomic proved to be the biggest threat to the Zenit scorboard, dominating play. For the blue-white-sky blues Tulson and Timma proved to be the biggest problem for the Spanish giants. In the second quarter both teams focused on defence and the scoring rate of the match dropped significantly. Barça scored only 10 points in that quater and by half-time the score was 30:33 in favor of the blue-white-sky blues.

The second half began like the first ended with both defences prevailing. Poor scoring rates didn't help and most three-point shots were missed by both the teams. At the end of the third-quater Zenit had scored only 16% of our attempts from beyond the arc, with Barcelona even less. The scoreboard stood at 43:42 in favor of Barcelona at the start of the the forth-quater.

In the final quarter the teams looked tired and the game opened up, scoring increased as did the scoring of three-pointers. Barcelona managed to maintain their slender lead and the game ended with a final score of 63:61 in favor of Barcelona.