Pavel Sergeev: "We can win the Eurocup"

Pavel Sergeev gave an interview with the club's official website where he discussed his experiences of working with Vasily Karasev, the experience of Stefan Markovic at the Olympics and the desire of the team to win every game.
Pavel Sergeev: "We can win the Eurocup"

At one time you were playing in a club alongside Karasev as a player. Is it unusual to play under him as your coach?

Yes, of course, he was already at that just finishing his playing career then. Perhaps even then he was involved in the training of young players. He guideed them down the right path and gave good advice.

Karasev has a lot of young Russian guys in the team, but you're an experienced player. Has the coach assigned you some special role?

Yes, but I would not say that I was an old man. I'm still only 29 years old, I don't feel like a veteran. I do have a special role in the team, but we haven't discussed it. We are now have an emphasis on physical fitness. Vasiliy said before that he will talk individually with each player. Then, I think I know what role the coach wants from me.

Everyone calls Zenit a good traveling team in the VTB United League. What's the reason for this?

Yes, in this training camp a lot of attention is being paid to physical fitness. A lot of work at the arena and in the gym. It is necessary to do be fitter than other teams.

Is there anything unusal happening during this training process compared to when you played at Yenisei, UNICS or Spartak?

No, nothing unusual. It is unlikely that something special will happen at a first training camp. At the moment, the focus is on physical condition.

All players have a different way of spending their time at training camp. For example, Janis Timma prefer to relax by the pool, Anton Pushkov visits attractions. What did you like doing?

Of course, I sleep well and spend a lot of time communicating with my family. For a long time we are far apart. In the afternoon I was also at the pool with Janis and in the evening the boys went to the cafe and chatted.

Stefan Markovic has joined Zenit and plays in your position. What can you say about it?

Markovich is an experienced player, who needs no introduction. I've met him several times when he was still playing for the Serbian youth team. I played against him at a tournament in China. He's a strong player, you can see that by the amount of playing time he's had in the national team of his country. He was injured a lot last season but overall, he's a very strong guard. While personally I'm not familiar with him but I think we'll get to know each other better.

Did you enjoy watching him at the Olympics?

He made ​​a major contribution to the Serbian team and got to the final. Of course I followed the Olympic basketball tournament. He played a very important role in the success of the team. Throughout the tournament he played well and spent a lot of time on the court.