Vasily Karasev: "One player can win the match, but not the championship"

The Zenit Head coach, Vasily Karasev summed up the results of the fourth match of the semifinal series against UNICS Kazan, in which the blue-white-sky blues won 85-82.
Vasily Karasev: "One player can win the match, but not the championship"

How are Timma and Vihrova? Will they be back for the fifth game?

Janis has a bad leg and in the last game he was back, but he played with pain. I hope he will recover, he is now doing training and having injections. But now he just did not get ready in time, he had not slept for two nights. Vihrova has a problem with his toe. He can not step on it, but it's only a bruise and I think that he should be back for the next game. ***

With so many injuries are you satisfied with the work of the medical staff? 

We're still here, even with the injury problems. The medical staff here are doing everything they can, because the load on the players has been colossal. If we have injuries we get them to the major players who spend the lion's share of the court time. Landry, Timm and Tulson played an average of 30 minutes. Well, I can say that they must be on the court much more against UNICS. As against Loko, Khimki, and Avtodor, We had the toughest game against Avtodor and played on the edge. The fatigue accumulated and the players became injured.***

You have equalized in the series, after being 0-2 down. Can we say that the psychological advantage is on the side of your team?
I hope the team felt the taste of victory. It is understood that on the road it will be more difficult to play, but in the first matches we played without Tulson and Pushkov, we were a little lost. If we are all fit then we can challenge.***

What do you think today about the game? How did Omar and the other play?
Omar is very kind man, he played out of position. He has improved a lot since joining us. For us he was a very important purchase, a fighter who can play in any position. In defense, he can play against almost anywhere and we can see his play in these areas, He is not such a good three-pointer as Janis, but he compensates for this by other actions and the energy he has is there for all to see, he is very good for the team.***

Pavel Antipov said that such games are won only when the team is together. Do you agree with that?
One person can win the game, but not win the championship. Only a team can win the championship.***

Can we can say that the next game will be the most important in your career?
Probably. Although every game has been the most important for us at Zenit. But at the moment, yes, it will be the most important match.***

Is your team ready for the Euroleague?
It is clear that the need to intensify, it is another level. If you want to win there, you have a lot to do, but the level of the club allows it.***