Vasily Karasev, "100 points is absolutely not important to me"

The Zenit Head coach Vasily Karasev talked about the game, in which his team beat Tsmoki 105-77, he also spoke on how he was congratulated on his birthday and on the birth of her granddaughter by the fans and the team.
Vasily Karasev, "100 points is absolutely not important to me"

It was a necessary and important victory. After the recent good games there were concerns that the guys might relax a little and may no longer be giving it there all. However, in the first half we scored 50 points, but conceeded 49 and the Minsk team looked fresh. After the break we scored the same amount, and conceeded less than 30. This difference was in defence and attack.

In your family you have a double birthday today. How were you congratulated by the team?

I've had the best greetings, a victory. Of course, I congratulated my son on the phone, but he's resting now, so the answer to your question is yet to come.

What did the fans give you?

By the court was a very nice banner with a photo. They also gave me a scarf with signatures.

The team in the first half obviously wanted to give you a draw.

Yes, it looked like it and I'm pleased that the team listened to me this season. Things can be reconstructed in the course of the match, especially late in the season, when we have already built a model of the game.

Will you be changing the team looking for that fourth victory and another 100 points in the next match with Kalev?

We're in a victory mood, but hundreds are absolutely not important to me. The main thing is a good win, and for that we do not need to strive for certain points. If we play well, then hundreds will come by themselves.

Janis Timma had an elbow injury. How would you rate his current form?

He played well against Nymburk and today he also showed a mature, good basketball game.It's nice that even at his current level of fitness he shows his basketball and helps us win.

How are things going with Golovin?

He has already started training, but it all depends on how quickly he gets his fitness up to scratch. He has missed half the season, and he still needs time to find his fitness. We will try to give him some minutes in the match with Kalev.