Zenit - Kalev: Modest Tallinn

The team's fourth match in the VTB United League in 10 days, Zenit easy won at home against Kalev Tallinn.
Zenit - Kalev: Modest Tallinn

Despite the fact that the Estonian team have no chance of getting into the playoffs, the meeting with her was not a walk in the park even for one league's top sides. Last week Kalev lost to the strong Unics side only in overtime. Zenit were missing several key players: Jannis Timma, Alexander Karpukhina, Gregory Motovilova and Andrei Desyatnikov, but there was a place for Artem Komissarov, Daniil Soloviev and Yevgeny Sidorov.

In contrast to the game against Nizhny Novgorod, when the blue-white-sky blues had serious difficulties with their shot percentage, the match against Kalev began with a hail of accurate three-pointers for Zenit. Tulson, Berzins and Antipov bombarded the oppositions ring from outside the arc and gained more and more courage from those accurate attacks. The Team successfully defended the lead they were building up and continued putting pressure on their Estonian opponents, who were struggling to compete. After the first 6 minutes of the match, Zenit had an advantage of 21-4, and the quarter ended with a score of 30:10. In that 10-minute period Zenit only missed one 3-pointer.

Despite the discouraging first quater the guests managed to find the strength and the motivation to get back in the chase in the second quarter. After 16 minutes they managed to claw back the double-digit gap on Zenit. The Petersburgers were then able to pick up their game and ended the first half with a big lead of 51:36.

The third quarter was marked by the play of the threesome of Freimanis, King and Veydeman against Zenit. The blue-white-sky blues were able to maintain their lead and comfortably continue their game, Zenit stars Tulson and Berzins who didn't have the most successful for the game against Nizhny played well and stood out for Zenit. The rest of the quater continued in much the same way. In the first ten minutes of the second half, the blue-white-sky blues only allowed the Estonians to score 15 points and The St.Petersburgers regained their 20-point lead.

Zenit's guests failed to their attempt of a comeback and the home team continued to stick to their game and scored more points. Tulsonu and Berzins joined Antipov, surpassing 10 points each. In total the Zenit forward three scored more than 60 points together. The game turned into the sole aim of Zenit scoring more than 100 points at home. Ryan, Kaspars and Paul left the court and for the bench but Zenit were still able to reach the magic total of 101 points. The final siren went and Zenit won 101-69.