Vasily Karasev: "The players must have faith in their own abilities"

The Head coach of the blue-white-sky blues on the result of the match against Khimki.
Vasily Karasev: "The players must have faith in their own abilities"

- In the first half we did not play defense well. Our "big" players do not keep up with Khimki, they got some easy shots. We attacked with a poor percentage and we missed a lot of free throws. The jitters began and the team tried to fight back, but Khimki, built up a margin of 10 points, they already felt confident of a win. In the second half the defense, played better and we played aggressively in defense, we made quick passes from defense to attack. The guys stopped playing only three-pointers and we began scoring on the fast break. In the end we did not have enough rotation, and we also made a number of unforced errors. The players must have faith in their own abilities. It seems to me that at some point, they did not believe that they could win the match, in which they conceeded 25 points that won the game.

What's wrong with Timma?

We all have setbacks. Today, we do not have Timma and Berzins. Janis is not at the right level yet. Its been said that the game was bad for us not only in the attack - he did not get his shots in, but to defend against Honeycutt was also difficult and his superior height. Timma is a relatively young player for this level like Barinov, Pushkov, Antipova. They had a good game, but there was a failure. Each player came off the bench and added something to the team. I can give the team credit that even conceeding those 25 points, they could not win it, but the game had different moments and they showed some decent basketball.

Are the team ready for the next two matches?

Let's hope so. We now have a very tough schedule, we have some hard matches against direct rivals, who also need to win. On Thursday we will play in Saratov, and two days later we have a match with Nizhny Novgorod. We will recover. We have to play another 9 games in the next month.