Vita - Zenit: A Georgian holiday

The latest match in the VTB United League saw Zenit go to Tbilisi to play against Vita, who are desperately trying to win their first victory in the tournament.
Vita - Zenit: A Georgian holiday

The hosts for much of the season are having serious difficulties in the league. The match with the St. Petersburgers were listed would prove to be the same, Zenit started with a familiar five of, Daudell, Tulson, Timm, Antipov, Pushkov.

More surprisingly that the match started in an equal contest with both sides swapping points. After three minutes of the meeting Vita led 6: 5. Then the blue-white-blue took the initiative and Anton Pushkov scored all of Zenit's first 9 points, Tulson also joined with the scoring and the Georgian team lost the initiative going into the first break - 17:28.

In the second quarter, Vita upped their game and with 14 minutes played Zenit were just two points ahead of their rivals, and by 16 mins the score was level 41-41. At the end of an hour Timm had only scored one three-pointer, with Zenit going into the break just one point ahead, 64:65.

Feeling that their first victory was close at hand, the head coach of the hosts Nikolajs Mazurs tried to encourage his team forward and two minutes before the end of the fourth quarter Zenit were only three points ahead. Both sides continued to score and Zenit ran out eventual winners 84:90 and remain in third place in the standings of the VTB United League.