Parma - Zenit: Zenit come in second in the Russian Cup

In the final of the Cup of Russia, Zenit lost out on the first title in its history. The blue-white-sky blues lost out to home side Parma in front of the capacity seven thousand Molot Palace of Sport.
Parma - Zenit: Zenit come in second in the Russian Cup

After an equal start the blue-white-sky blues accelerated into the lead and finish the first quarter with a good advantage 25-19. Antipov and Karpuhin scored some three-point shots to give Zenit the early lead.

In the second quarter it seemed Zenit would steadily increase their advantage, however, in this second quater Parma began to improve their efforts mainly through Alexander Vinnik who made incredible breakthroughs. Zenit completely slowed down and got no offense going, their opponents repeatedly found ways to shoot three-pointers, scoring a good percentage. Perm added more than 30 points in 10 minutes, and by half time lead by 50:35.

At the start of the second half Zenit attempted to reduce the gap, but every time the blue-white-sky blues got within 10 points of the opposition, Perm managed to return the gap to 15, and then took their advantage to 20 points. Zenit won a number of fouls, but the percentage of points from the free-throw line was poor and led to a frustrating experience. As a result, at the end of the third quarter Parma led 74:55.

In the fourth the situation on the court did not change. Zenit's attack did not impress and the opponent's took their advantage to 24 points, which means that the outcome of the game was almost a foregone conclusion. The miracle did not happen, and Zenit lost 97:65.