Vasily Karasev: "I want to thank the fans for their support"

The headcoach of the blue-white-sky blues on the match against the Venetian Reier.
Vasily Karasev: "I want to thank the fans for their support"

Thank you to the fans who came to Moscow to support during such an important game. Now we are having a tough time, we lost two major players with injuries and Daudell played with the injury. It was a game for first place in the group, and it could not be spectacular or beautiful, it could only be about winning or losing. The players were aware of that and without even scoring in the fourth quarter we worked in defense and conceded 11 points. I am glad that we progressed.

How was it playing at a neutral venue, away from home?

Yes, the game was on neutral ground and not at home. We are accustomed to our hall, the ring, the audience, the routine. Nothing came out of this situation we will only get stronger.

People see the rivals in the playoffs as Maccabi and Nizhny Novgorod? 

With the Nizhny we have already played. It would probably be easier with them. While playing with Maccabi will be much more interesting for us and for the audience. We are not afraid of difficult challenges.