Zenit v Besiktas: "We are winning becuase of commitment and hard work"

Zenit scored an impressive victory over Besiktas in the fifth round of the Eurocup. Let's see what those who took part thought.
Zenit v Besiktas: "We are winning becuase of commitment and hard work"

Maceij Lampe: Today it was a very bad game for us. We were unprepared. Zenit plays very team-organized basketball. But this game didn’t show who we are and we can play a lot better than this. This is not our real team. It feels like a bad dream but it happened and we should learn from this and move on. We had an opportunity to win here tonight and to be first in our group but we didn’t do it. So we have to go back and improve.

Yanis Timma: I want to congratulate our team with a good game especially in defense. We knew that it wouldn’t be a weak opponent and we should play good in defense. From this defense we had positive emotions which we could use in offense. Defense was the main point for today’s game. We knew they have experienced players and if they feel the tempo of the game it will be very tough for us. We executed our plan and game went as we wanted. Yagizer

Hamdi Ulug: Today Zenit was strong both physically and mentally on the court. They played a very tough game. From the second half they increased their toughness and game tempo. We couldn’t respond on this and they got what they deserved.

Vasiliy Karasev: I can say that today we didn’t have a high percentage but we had team play. 30 assists in game says a lot. We had only 23% of 3 points thrown accurately. Sometimes we had 55 and even more but this shows that we won not because of luck but because of our hard work. We conceded only 6 points in 2nd quarter and 11 in the 3rd. I think that it was good work by all the coaching staff and it’s great that players understand it and love this style of basketball.