Vasily Karasev: "We were able to get our concentration back"

Zenit’s coach said that despite the victory there is still much to do.  
Vasily Karasev: "We were able to get our concentration back"

—The last two games for us weren’t important for our standing, but that doesn’t mean that we have stopped working seriously. For us it’s important to go into the playoff with the right physical and mental state. So today’s win was an important step for our getting ready to play the away games. 

—You’ve been worried about the players concentration lately. What do you think, has the problem been decided? 
—I had been noticing that our team was beginning to lose their concentration and we can’t have that if we want to keep away from any surprises in our away games. So the most important thing for us was to make sure we got our concentration back. Plus we didn’t have any injuries today and all of our leaders are heading into the upcoming games in good playing form. 

—In the beginning of the match you really were playing with a high level of pressing, what was that connected with? 
—That was our plan for the game. I’ll say again that one of the ways to return concentration is to play with pressing, to force them to get back into a rhythm, although that didn’t help us score a lot of points. 

—What mistakes did you notice in their game today? 
—I didn’t like the first quarter: we had a lot of fouls, had a lot of mistakes around the rim, so we had to get them going during the game a little bit, say something to them, give them some encouragement. And they really did get revved up and started to play pretty well. 

—Evaluate the team’s readiness for the playoff. 
—It’s tough to say. We have a few more days to get ready and the main thing is to come out without any injuries and also it’s important that some of the guys had some good playing time too. We still have a lot to do, the first games will show us how we’ve done.