Vasily Karasev: “We are working on our game for the future”

The head coach on the result of the match with Krasnye Krylia, they young players’ game and the goals for the remaining matches. 
Vasily Karasev: “We are working on our game for the future”

—We don’t really even need these games. We have entirely different goals. The main task is for the starting players, who carry the lion’s share of the work, don’t lose their playing rhythm. So today Hodge and Landry for example, didn’t play that much only about 10-12 minutes, as well as those who still aren’t feeling very confident and are coming back off of injury. We want to make sure all of them feel confident going into the playoffs. 

There was a lot of rotation today that didn’t concern the game today, but our goals for the future. It’s understood that against an opponent like this one where they are small, fast and have good three pointers it would have been inadvisable to play Desyatnikov and Borovnyak, it was tough for them to play on defense. We are getting ready for the future. It’s normal result and one that we expected. It was nice that in the end Russians finished the game. 

—Are you happy with how Komolov and Desyatnikov played? 
— It’s a really big plus and we are really happy that after they weren’t playing for so long and then that they played for the farm team, coming to us they’ve played confidently both in their shooting and in their game generally. Komolov had a really good game today, just as Desyatnikov did as well. I’ll say it again, Desyatnikov had a harder go of it today because the opponent wasn’t playing very much in the center and so his game was a little off. 

—You opponent today had a good three point percentage. What is that connected with? 
—We were working on our game for the future. Borovnyak, Desyatnikov both had a lot of time today and both Spiridonov and Valiev were going to pay today and once they were in we were able to close off their three pointers from Fidi and Tudumaka. This is entirely expected and we were watching these things already.