Vasily Karasev: "We wanted to take revenge"

Zenit’s head trainer, Vasily Karasev, spoke about the results of the VTB United League match where Zenit was able to beat UNICS by a score of 89:87.
Vasily Karasev: "We wanted to take revenge"

— This was our fourth game against UNICS this season and we had lost all of them. So our mindset was to battle, we wanted to take our revenge. Moreover, all of our players were ready to go, although maybe some were still not in the best form, but we had a rotation available. UNICS had a few difficulties in their back line owing to injuries. For us this was a more difficult task since both Panin and White were playing in the second position and they have a clear height advantage over us. 

We had to use two forwards, our opponents had some open three pointers and Hodge got some early fouls and so we had to play in a pretty unusual fashion. But all’s good that ends good. Thanks to our aggressive play and quick counterattacks we were able to win. 

—There were a lot more fans today in the stands than there were at the beginning of the season. Has the team noticed that each time they play there are more fans here? 
—Of course, this makes us happy. And the people that come to the games help the team play better. You can’t just put your hands up or quit playing at a certain point. I think that the guys worthy of the fans support. They are bringing more and more people to the stands and that means that it’s interesting to them. I’m only happy about this. We are going to try and keep on filling up the stands.