Vasily Karasev: «The young players did well today»

The head coach for the Blue-White-Sky Blues summarized the match against CSKA, spoke about the young players and noted that the team had a few moments where they went toe to toe with one of the leaders of European Basketball. 
Vasily Karasev: «The young players did well today»

— How can you compare the two games that the team had home and away? 
— It’s tough to compare them. Today we had four leaders — Koshcheev, Stephens, Kulagin and Hodge. The young players are still growing today, adding on their abilities from game to game. I think that if the guys were playing with a bit more of a rotation then they would have been able to have fought harder. It’s understood that it’s tough for Andrey Desyatnikov to go out and play against CSKA and show some really top basketball, although throughout the course of the match we really did look pretty good: we were strong on the attack and on defense. But at the moment, if we are playing against CSKA and want to win, we have to score with a better percentage, not make unnecessary mistakes. It seems like we are scoring some tough points, but then we make a mistake and give up some more. 

— If we return to your commentary about how the match is going to be a test for the young players, how would you say they did? 
— I think that they played well, it’s good that we have young players who are developing. Of course they still need to work more in order to get to a high level, but at the very least there is something to start with and there are players who are showing that they can play well against CSKA. 

— Has the recovery time for Kulagin and Hodge become clear yet? 
— I still can’t really say. After the doctor comes back he’ll give us his verdict.