Vasily Karasyov: “This match was important for getting us back into our playing rhythm”

After the win over Krasnye Krylia, the head coach thanked the players for having the right mindset for the game. 
Vasily Karasyov: “This match was important for getting us back into our playing rhythm”

— Krasnye Krylia is experiencing some problems with their lineup. They have a lot of injured players and as a result they came here with a reserve lineup. We had ten days without playing any games and we gave the guys some rest, and so they lost their playing rhythm a little bit and this match was important for us to get our playing rhythm back. Today all of the guys played, everyone was working hard on defense, we played well on offense, but DJ Stephens' injury took away all of the joy from the win. 

—Is there any information about Stephens' condition? 
—It’s tough to say right now. He twisted his leg, they are taking him to the hospital to do an MRI, but I think that he really is injured. 

—  Zenit had similar problems with injuries. Can you sympathize with your opponents?   
— Yes, of course I completely understand Boris Ilyich Skolovksy. You are preparing the team, everything is going well, and then independent of anything you can do, the situation changes and when it’s time to play, there’s no one to put in. We would have liked to have played against the full side for Krylia. I’m not going to mess around and say that we did’t come into the game with a serious mindset. But we did have to push the guys a bit and make sure that they didn’t come into it expecting an easy win. 

—The fist quarter was pretty close. Did Zenit not step up their game or was the opponent stronger in the beginning? 
—Our opponent has some pretty strong young players. At some points during the game they were playing well and at some points our play was a little muddled. We got out of our playing rhythm and until we got going in the end of the game, the score was pretty close.