Vasily Karasyov: "We just had to make sure we managed our emotions"

After the win over Avtodor Zenit’s coach talked about what made preparation to the match tough and shared his expectations for the upcoming game against Khimki. 
Vasily Karasyov: "We just had to make sure we managed our emotions"

— After the loss in Saratov, where we played pretty badly and started to lose our game, we wanted to get some revenge at home. We were only set to win and in spite of some of the big events we’ve had lately — winning series on the road, wins over Nymburk and Strasbourg, making it to the playoff stage of the Eurocup, the guys had a bit of an emotional drop. The main task for us was to return them to a good flow. i think that the training staff was able to do this. The guys began pretty aggressively and actively and on the whole the game worked out in our favor. 

— Now Dmitry Kulagin and Evgeny Valiev have rejoined the team. With this in mind, how much stronger has Zenit become in comparison with December and January?
— Kulagin and Valiev have returned but we’ve lost Koshcheyev and Vikrhov. We have a pretty large turnover owing to injuries and because of this we don’t have the chance to play with a full roster very often. Nevertheless the guys still play and work as much as they can and as a result of this our bench is shorter and that’s why we get those injuries. 

— Today you Desyatnikov at the end of the game. Is he going to have chances to play in the next games? 
— You saw yourself that Andrey is one of the leaders of our team! We played for him the entire time at the end. 

— Everybody is waiting for March now and the three match series you’ll have with Khimki. How tough is it going to be to prepare to play against one team for three matches. 
— Of course it’s going to be tough. To prepare for one thing, to lay it all out there, and complete unwind yourself — that’s one thing, but a series against a team of that level is always very difficult from a psychological and physical point of view. Especially now that there are some problems again with the lineup, so it’s going to be tough, but nothing is impossible. 

— DJ Stephans is playing some entertaining basketball, but maybe this doesn’t always work out in the teams favor. Are you going to change his game at all? 
— There’s nothing to change. I can say that during our two away matches with Nymburk and Strasbourg, he was the most useful player on the team. Playing exciting basketball doesn’t bother that. In today’s game he wasn’t as lucky and maybe wasn’t moving as well, but this isn’t because he’s trying to play to the crowd.