Vasily Karasyov: “It was really tough for the guys from the very beginning” 

Zenit’s head trainer, Vasily Karasyov, commented on the outcome of the Eurocup match with Nymburk, that finished with a 63:84 loss, and spoke about the situation with injury and sickness on the team. 
Vasily Karasyov: “It was really tough for the guys from the very beginning” 

— Of course it’s a shame to lose. If you look for some positive moments, then I want to highlight the fact that it all finished without any injuries, at the time being that’s what’s most important. Yesterday we had a recovery practice and not everyone was able to have recovered from injuries and sickness. As for the game, I want to say that it was very tough for the guys from the very beginning. It was clear that it wasn’t until the third quarter that the got into the game. The guys were playing at the edge of what they could do. Now we have to beat Strasbourg. 

—Are there more pluses or minuses going into the game with Nymburk? 
— There’s one obvious plus — there’s no need for any additional motivation. They guys understand what they need to do. Right now the most important thing is that they can get back into shape and that no one gets sick. 

— Nymburk's, head coach said that Zenit’s young players came into the game with too much confidence in coming out with a win. Do you agree with this? 
— Of course not. You are worried about the game in your soul, especially about losing in front of your fans. It’s offensive, uncomfortable, you want to apologize to your fans again. But there are some objective reasons why, you can’t jump over your head. To win six or seven matches in a row, to do this you’d have to have some kind of iron people playing. Borovnyak and Hodge played the whole game in Krasnodar, plus overtime, and then there was a crazy return flight and one and a half days of rest and that’s it. 

— What are your thoughts ahead of the match with Strasbourg? 
— We can’t just jump ahead to Strasbourg. We still have to play one more United League game, with Nymburk, again. We’ve got a tough task ahead. We have to get Kulagin and Valiev back into the game, have to improve Landry, Komolov and Stephans’ condition after being sick. We can’t forget to give them some rest too after a heavy load. We have a lot of thoughts, but we aren’t panicking.