Vasily Karasyov: "If we can score 100, why not make the fans happy"

The Blue-White-Sky Blues' coach commented on the outcome of the match with the Bisons, explained why Jones was successful tonight and noted that on Wednesday Zenit will be playing to win.
Vasily Karasyov: "If we can score 100, why not make the fans happy"

— On the whole I am satisfied with the game. In particular with the third and fourth quarters, where we were playing well on defense. We had added some nervy and started to play against the zone pretty well, at first it wasn't working out so well for us, but then we got into it and quit playing combination play and the players were able to create some moments because of their skill. During the last five minutes we were only putting in Russian players, and even then they were playing in different positions. It's understood that we gave up some lazy points in the last five minutes because we weren't scoring ourselves, but when you are already up by +20 it's tough to give everything you've got, in particular on defense.

— Are there any positive changes in comparison to the match in Kazan? 

— I'm going to say it again, we didn't have any tragedies in the loss in Kazan. There are some objective reasons for the loss. I can even name them: the trip to Nymburg, the return, the tough match with «Strasbourg», then we flew out again and had another two nights on the plane, we played with «Astana», returned the same day, then we had a trip to Kazan. We gave everything we had, and you can see yourselves that we don't have a pretty big rotation. So when we were up by twenty, the coaching staff decided that there wasn't any reason to beat up the players and so we finished with the Russian players

— The team has broken the 100 point barrier for the first time. Is this more for the viewers or is it also important for you as well?

— We never had the goal to score 100, 101. If that's how it works out then great. The goal is to win the game. One point, two points, if the game works out so that you can score 100 points, then why not make the fans.

—Jones scored 20 points today, something he hasn't done since the start of the season. Does that mean that he is going to get more playing time? 

— I'm going to say it again — players don't get time just because of their connections. Komolov looked terrible today. He hasn't been playing the kind of basketball that we need lately. Cameron went out and played well on defense, started to score on the attack, and so got some playing time that was very useful for the team. I can only be happy about this. And again, for him, his high scoring tonight is probably more associated with the fact that he has not been playing that much in the last few games, so he isn't work out today. It's good that we have players who can take the game into their own hands at the right time and help the team.

— The next match is with UNICS. Are you going to get your revenge?
— Of course we are going to be playing to win. No one is planning on make up the difference, we are just going to play to win. We still have some good chances. It's understood that at the given moment not everything is under our control, but playing in front of our fans at home, we can only go out to win.