Kyle Landry interviewed for a feature in eurocupbasketball!

In an interview with the Blue-White-Sky Blues' center, talked about the team's big win over Strasbourg, his international career and about his expectations for the team this year.

Kyle Landry interviewed for a feature in eurocupbasketball!

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Hello, Kyle, You just beat a strong team like Strasbourg. How important is this win and how is the team feeling at this time of the season?
"It is a very important win. I think the biggest key was our second half. We started to play harder on defense. I think that we gave up 47 points in the first half, which really isn't our style. We focused in the second half, worked harder as a team and managed to slow them down offensively, which was huge for us. After the win, we are happy but we know we still have a long way to go. We still have to play against Strasbourg at their place, against Nymburk at home and two games against Unics. Nothing is guaranteed yet."

You were behind by 6 points with less than 3 minutes left but managed to take the game to overtime and win it. What allowed you to play such great defense in crunch time?
"We made some big stops when we needed to. We had a lot of close games in the beginning of the season and lost a couple of them. I think that, throughout the year, we learned to win these games. Luckily, it paid off in this game."

Before that, you beat Nymburk, a very experienced team, on the road. What did you do well to beat them and how critical is a road win in the Last 32?
"It was huge to start the Last 32 with a win, especially because there are only six games in this phase, so every win means so much more from now on. Being able to start off, especially on the road, beating a quality team like Nymburk was huge for our confidence, especially because it was our first game back from a holiday break."

This is your fourth season with the club. How comfortable do you feel in this club and with your current coach, Sergey Karasev?
"I feel really comfortable. I have a good understanding of what the team wants from me. The team takes care of everything and it has been a lot of fun playing here. We had a lot of success and playing for Coach Karasev has been great for me. He helped me improve my game, offensively and defensively. It has been a great four years here!"

Zenit averages over 80 points per game and has a lot of offensive weapons, a very diversified offense. Do you think that is one of the keys to your good run until now?
"Absolutely. There is no way you are going to be able to win in a competition like this with just one or two good offensive players. You have to be able to rely on different people and everyone is able to step up in crunch time. It is a lot harder for the defense than focusing on just one player. Being able to have five, six different guys who come out any given night and have a big game is huge for us."

There are four Canadian players in the Last 32: you, Levon Kendall, Melvin Ejim and Kris Joseph. How great is this for Canadian basketball?
"It is great to see so many Canadian players in this competition. Our country has definitely improved in the last couple of years and it is really awesome to see us having some of us playing high-level basketball right now."

You have played in Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia throughout your professional career. How do you like the opportunity to travel around and discover new countries?
"I think it has been a great experience. Not many people are able to travel to so many different countries and experience all those different cultures. I was also lucky enough to meet my wife over here in Russia. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world."

It is not easy to find a foreign player in the same team for so many years. What do you like so much about Zenit? Did moving the club to St. Petersburg change things a lot?
"I got along with the management really well since I got here. They gave me a nice opportunity to move up to higher leagues and higher competitions. The coach has also been great and like I said, I met my wife here. It is definitely easier to stay in here. Overall, it was not too bad to move to St. Petersburg. Lyubertsy is a great city and the fans were great for us but so far the fans in St. Petersburg have been amazing, too."

Your next two games are against Unics Kazan, a team you know very well after so many years in Russia. How dangerous is this team and how difficult will it be to beat them?
"They are a really good team with a lot of high-level players, a lot of guys who have played in the Euroleague and big competition. It will be incredibly difficult to play against them. We have played against them in the VTB League, so both teams know what to expect. We have to focus and make sure that we are ready. I don't think it makes much of a difference to play against them in a different competition. We have Nymburk, who is also a VTB team, and played against VEF and Khimki in the regular season, too. There is a lot of familiarity with the teams that we are playing."

What would you consider a good Eurocup season for Zenit?
"I guess that everyone wants to keep advancing as far as they possibly can. I don't think anyone will be satisfied what we have. Keep winning is the main goal for this club right now."