Vasily Karasev: «Today's loss will be a stimulus for the future

After the loss against Kazan's UNIKS as part of the Eurocup Last32 Zenit's trainer expression his belief that the team will find the strength in themselves to come to the necessary conclusions and return to their earlier form.
Vasily Karasev: «Today's loss will be a stimulus for the future

— We knew that it was going to be a tough game. Unfortunately it was clear that the players weren't able to acclimate and adjust one hundred percent after a tough flight here. It was obvious from all points of view that we were outperformed by our opponents, in our speed, in our strength. And at the end when we were already losing by 20 points, there wasn't any point in chasing our opponents so we gave some playing time to some of our less experienced players.

— What can you say about the leaders' performance tonight?
— I don't want to talk separately about the players. Yes, Cameron Jones didn't play badly on defense, he scored the most points of all. The team just fell into a funk because they didn't adapt and couldn't recover, so to put it on someone separate from that isn't fair.

— There was probably a pretty serious conversation in the locker room.
— Well the majority of the conversation is a secret. Sure something like you are professionals and no matter what you have to play and you can't ever give up early.

— After a series of confident wins is victory going to influence the team negatively at all? 

— For our team today's loss is going to be a stimulus so that they aren't overly confident in so far as you should understand that even if you are winning from the first second to the last, you still have to play until the very end.