Your guide to UNICS: changing coaches, their exit from the Euroleague and other facts

Pashutin's return, an unexpected loss to Avtodar, a victory over Real — the official site for Zenit's basketball team tells you everything you need to know about the Blue-White-Sky Blues latest opponent.
Your guide to UNICS: changing coaches, their exit from the Euroleague and other facts

Kazan's UNICS needs no introduction. The team, whose full name is University-Culture-Sports, has already been the best in the highest division for 15 years. During this time the Kazan team has been among the elite in Russian basketball. They have built a collection of medals: four silver and six bronze medals from the Russian championship and three Russian Cups (including one from this past season), as well as a playing in the final of the Eurocup ULEB and taking the Eurochallenge cup as well. This season UNIKS is experiencing some problems with their starting lineup, but after having changed trainers they were able to raise their fortunes some before experiencing some more problems.

But in reality, everything is really not all that bad for the Kazan side. Maybe it's with a bit of difficulty, but they were able to qualify for the first stage of the Eurocups. For the first time in history, Russia is featuring three clubs. It's true that UNIKS and Nizhny Novgorod are in the same group, and it seems like only one Russian team will make it through to the next stage from this group. It seemed at first that the team would definitely be Nizhny since the Kazakhstani side lost four of their five games in the first stage of play.

Agriris Pedulakis' players also experienced a fall in the Euroleague and after their loss from the very same Nizhny Novgorod and Krasny Krylya, the leadership of the team sent their Greek coach on leave and named the head coach of the Russian national team, Evgeny Pashutin, to lead their own team. Under his leadership UNIKS was able to return from the ashes. The team held on for four victories in a row, including one over Grozny's Real, on their own court. Unfortunately, in the deciding match, they lost to Nizhny and lost to the youth team in the Top-16 Euroleague, even though they made their way there as one of the favorites.

UNIKS did not have a good start to the year — they lost on the road to Strasbourg, then had an unexpected loss to Avtodor in the United League. But whatever the case is, road matches in Kazan are never easy. In the first round of the United League Zenit experienced this first hand, losing with a score of 73:66.